Survey Controls.

Bob Hick Earthmoving Ltd uses “State of the Art” Topcon technology to manage daily survey requirements.


Bob Hick Earthmoving Ltd  uses the latest Topcon survey equipment on all earthmoving sites, integrated with machine control systems.

A hand held rover is used to install survey pegs for level controls, complete As-built pick-ups and collect information for monthly sediment control plans.

Our key finishing plant also have Topcon equipment  installed  so each Operator  works  with accuracy and efficiency to complete to the required cut and filling operations to the correct levels.

Bob Hick Earthmoving’s operators are trained and skilled in the use of machine control systems this ensures we complete any earthmoving contracts to the clients design on time.

Generally the hand held rover which our surveyor uses becomes a checking tool against the earthmoving machinery, however complex pickups are always required e.g. drainage for shear keys, buttress fills, under-fill gully drains and counterfort drains.

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