Onion Road Re-alignment – Part of the Te Rapa By-Pass Works.

Onion Road By-Pass


Showing new Onion Road re-alignment passing under Te Rapa By-pass – in the foreground.



Bob Hick Earthmoving Ltd


Te Rapa roundabout with reinforced Bridge Abutments.

Centre of photo shows the Middle Pier and scaffolding for the future Te Rapa interchange



Bob Hick Earthmoving Ltd


Shows bridge abutment piles placed approximately 18-20 m deep




Bob Hick Earthmoving Ltd


Looking South along the Te Rapa By-pass to the Te Rapa Interchange




Trimming Batters



Trimming batters to string lines – 7m height



Trimming Topsoil


Topsoiling completed Northern on-ramp batters looking towards the Te Rapa Interchange






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