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Welcome to Bob Hick Earthmoving

We Specialise in all Earthmoving and Land Development Projects


  • Smaller Housing Sub-divisions
  • Lifestyle Sub-divisions
  • Larger more extensive Housing Sub-divisions, including Community Recreational Areas.
We prepare Earthworks for Sub-divisions with
  • Gentle contours
  • More complex ground contours requiring extensive stabilisation.

We are also experienced in developing

 Bob Hick Earthmoving also Specialise in:

Industrial Site Developments
Roading Arterial, By-pass and Rural
Wind Farm Access Roads and Turbine Platforms
Forestry Access Roads and Clearing
Community Projects Shopping Mall Developments, Golf Club Developments, Sports Fields
Drainage and Pipe-laying  When required as part of the development package

Bob Hick Earthmoving Operate with:

Silt Control Conforming to TP90 specifications
Health and Safety Detailed Health & Safety Plan and Systems Always In Place
Customised Workshop For Repairs and Maintenance of All Plant and Motor Vehicles
On-Site Security
Always in place


Our aim is to ensure that all Clients always receive a personal service throughout their Contract and we ensure that

  • Comprehensive pre-planning and methodology are completed prior to  physical works commencing, thereby  achieving a positive result first time – every time
  • Through innovation we remain at the fore-front of the Earthmoving and Land Development Industry

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.

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