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Bob Hick Earthmoving Ltd was established on 23rd October 1996 as a Specialist Earthmoving and Land Development Company, contracting on a variety of projects throughout the North Island, New Zealand and the wider Auckland region.

Since 2006, we have expanded our operations and our fleet, which now includes specialised plant for the larger more complex contracts.

We rely on a well trained and experienced workforce to achieve successful results for all our Clients.

Bob Hick has vast experience in land contours and ground conditions and has extensive knowledge in Earthworks Construction and Sediment Control Systems.

We ensure that comprehensive pre-planning and methodology are completed prior to physical works commencing, thereby achieving maximum efficiency and a positive result first time – every time.

Bob Hick Earthmoving utilises new technologies and GPS Survey Equipment in order to provide the best, most accurate and cost effective service to our clients.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, clear lines of communication and attention to detail with contracts completed on time and on budget, and through innovation we remain at the fore-front of the Earthmoving and Land Development Industry.

We value new and long term relationships with our Client base and look forward to working with existing and new clients alike.

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Completed Projects

Bob Hick Earthmoving Ltd

Bob Hick Earthmoving Crew Jan. 2015

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