Contract Quality Policy


Bob Hick Earthmoving Ltd’s Quality Policy will ensure full commitment to meeting and exceeding Client’s requirements and expectations.

By utilising our decades of experience we will ensure that our methodologies will give an edge to the Construction Process.


Bob Hick Earthmoving Ltd is committed to:

  • Dedicating all of our resources to provide all our Client’s with the highest quality product.
  • Ensuring a full understanding of our Client’s requirements through open lines of communication, allowing Bob Hick Earthmoving Ltd  to create a product that meets the highest standard.
  • Preventing issues arising through on-going quality assessment systems.
  • Encouraging company enthusiasm, commitment and pride in quality, and working for excellence across all areas of the company.
  • Training our company’s greatest assets – our employees – to reach their full potential, therefore reflecting in a higher quality output.
  • Continually improving our company processes and creating innovative solutions to further advance the development of our Client’s Contracts.
  • Utilising industry standard products and services from our key suppliers and sub-contractors, in order to ensure that all contracts are completed within the agreed scheduled time-frame.
  • Ensuring that comprehensive pre-planning and methodology is completed prior to the physical works commencing, in order to achieve a positive result first time, every time.


Bob Hick Earthmoving Ltd

14th August 2013

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