The Lakes – Life-style Town Subdivision

The Lakes at Tauranga –  Client – Grasshopper Farms Ltd

Bob Hick Earthmoving Ltd sub-contractor on-site Aug 2006 – 2009

THE LAKES is now  a Lifestyle Town subdivision covering some 250 hectares, with housing and community recreational facilities,  featuring ‘The Lakes’ beautiful walkways, cycle-ways, native landscaping and community focus.

Background – In August 2006 we expanded our plant capacity and staff operations for this extensive subdivision.  The site was split over two levels with a 50 metre difference in elevations. The upper level ‘Grant Plateau’ consisted of materials of volcanic origin, with a new ash layer of 1.5 metres, and old ash layer 1-1.5 metres in depth.  The materials also included a balance mix of pumice, and wet white and pink silts overlaying a pumice base. When earthworks were completed, the height of the Grant Plateau was 10 metres below the original ground level.

BHE Plant


7 am Sunny morning, Pyes Pa area. Plant lined up ready to roll for the days work.

Long-reach Excavator shown in centre of photograph.

The Chute

The Chute -120m Long, Slope 3:1 – with 40m vertical height difference.

A special Haul Road was created in the centre of the site’s main escarpment, between the upper and lower levels of the subdivision. A CAT D7 Bulldozer & Blade was used to shape the Chute, ready for loaded machines to work between both levels with the slope being 1:3 – 1:4 in grade.

Re-Shaping the Lower Level

Showing Escarpment between Grant Plateau and the Lower Swampy area.

Also showing the lower end of the Chute to the right.

CAT Bulldozer and Blade back-filling swamp undercuts.

CAT D6 Bulldozer

CAT D6 Bulldozer

Operator with lifetime experience clearing scrub and topsoil off escarpment between Grant Plateau and lower flats. – Slope approx 2:1

Gas Mains

Laying Gas Main on finished bench level.

Bob Hick Earthmoving Ltd

Excavating swampy material to reclaim ready for development.




The Lakes Tauranga

With an overall height difference from the top to the bottom (after earthworks) of 40 metres, and being 1 kilometre in length, a  2:1 batter slope was created with a 5 metre wide cycle-way/walkway, midway on the slope. Additionally two diagonal pedestrian access tracks were also placed at a 1:5 grade in accordance with plans, when completed.

The Lakes  – Additional Information  

Silt Control to TP90 Specifications included:

  • Silt Fences
  • Clear-water Diversion Bunds
  • Decanting Earth Bunds
  • Sediment Retention Ponds    

Quantities moved from August 2006 to April 2009 (including Route K – Pyes Pa Bypass) 2.6 million m³ comprising

  • Cut to fill
  • Unsuitable materials
  • Topsoil strip and re-spread operations

Plant Used:

CAT D7 Bulldozers and Scoops

CAT 615C Elevating Motorscrapers

Komatsu HA250 / 270 Dumptrucks

Mitsubishi LD1000 Track Trucks

CAT Excavators – Standard and Longreach

Hyundai 36 Tonne Excavator

Supporting Equipment: Compactors, Tractor & Level Bars / Discs, Watercarts

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