Long Bay, Auckland

Long Bay – Auckland – Coastal Sub-division

Long Bay – North Shore, Auckland  – Clients – Todd Property Group Ltd.

Bob Hick Earthmoving Ltd on site from September 2011 to May 2013

Long Bay is a coastal sub-division of 162 hectares forming a new suburb development, including community parks and reserves, boardwalks and walking-tracks to streams and wetlands.

Aerial View

Long Bay Stage 1 & 2 Aerial view showing numerous silt ponds



Flock Shed

Stage 3 Silt Pond






Silt Control Pond

Stage 3 – Silt Control conforming to TP90 Standards.






  Waitemata Series Grey Rock Exposed

Stage 3 – Preparing pipes ready for road crossing and stream. Removing transition material and exposing Waitemata Series grey rock.



Stream Diversion

Stage 3 – Stream diversion with culvert road crossing, reinforced earth wall from the stream edge with a 1:1 batter slope, topsoil wrapped with coconut mat and Geo-textile cloth.

The centre of the photograph shows transition material removed, exposing Waitemata Series rock (above – grey), with a topsoil stock pile on skyline, and Long Bay College to the right.


Silt Control to TP90 

Specifications  included:

–          Silt Fences

–          Clear-water Diversion Bunds

–          Decanting Earth Bunds

–          Sediment Retention Ponds & Flock Sheds


Photo (Aerial to come)

Long Bay   Additional Information

Quantities moved from September 2011 to May 2013

1.6 million cubic metres comprising

–          cut to fill

–          unsuitable materials

–          and topsoil strip and re-spread operations


Plant Used:

CAT D7 Bulldozers and Scoops

CAT 615C Elevating Motorscrapers

Komatsu Moxy HA250 & 270 Model Dumptrucks

Mitsubishi LD1000 Track Trucks

CAT Excavators – Standard and Longreach

Hyundai 36 Tonne Excavator

50 Tonne Excavator for ripping rock


Supporting Equipment:

Compactors, Tractor & Level Bars / Discs, Watercarts


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