Orewa Heights Residential Estate Sub-division

The Orewa Heights Residential Estate has 8.5 hectares of sloping country with one gulley cutting through the site.  Two permanent wetland ponds will be completed and landscaped as part of the final sub-division design, along with native trees down each side of the road.

The Orewa Heights Residential Estate will comprise 100 standard house sections 500 m² – 720 m².

6,700 m³ of topsoil to be removed and re-spread

11,000 m³ of Shear keys installed as slip protection

35,80000 m³ of cut to fill

Installation of a Permanent Storm Water Treatment Pond

Earthworks completed – January 2015


mary photo-page1

Plan of the Sub-division

Please visit us again for progress updates.

Aerial photographs taken January 2014.  The site has been cleared of vegetation (mowed).


Bob Hick Earthmoving Ltd

Looking west across the completed Orewa Heights earthworks towards Grand Drive – January 2015


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