Jack Hawken Lane, Silverdale

Jack Hawken is a Residential Sub-division with 100 lots adjacent to the Northern Motorway, Silverdale.

The site consists of rolling contour and requires counter-fort drainage to stabilise the under-fill substructure conditions.

Jack Hawken comprises 66,000 m³ of cut to fill, however there is an additional 40,000 m³ of unsuitable undercutting due to previous motorway works.

There is an active water course which requires a complex sediment control methodology to mitigate any discharge from site.  This is crucial since much of the works are being carried out during the winter months.

Earthworks commenced December 2015.



Bob Hick Earthmoving

Day 1 December 2015


Bob Hick EarthmovingTrim to section levels prior to construction of Wall M

adjacent to motorway boundary

Bob Hick Earthmoving

Excavation of sheer key material below Wall B

Bob Hick Earthmoving

Clearwater bunds installed to divert water along cut road to sediment control pond.

Bob Hick Earthmoving Ltd

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